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🗞 News

  • If you receive a YC interview call, please email Ankit for interview prep. We helped 18 Xoogler founders through the YC application process last month.

  • Chris is helping Xoogler founders find Non-Executive Board members and Xoogler run funds who are asking for his help to find senior leaders for their startups. Be sure to reach out if you have executive leadership experience or board experience.

🗓 Upcoming Events

Weekly on Clubhouse with Bader Hamdan. Email clubhouse@xoogler.co if you need an invite.

9/30 6pm ET (in-person): 🗽 Rooftop BBQ. Email Stefanie Lau to join

10/1 12pm CET (online): 🇩🇪 Berlin Crypto meetup. Daniel Gilgenmann. RSVP

10/1 5pm PT (in-person): 🌉 SF Drinks with Ankit Jain]. RSVP

10/6 5.30pm AEST | 2.30pm SGT | 12pm IST : APAC virtual meetup. Hosted by Joel Solomons. RSVP

10/6 1pm BST: EMEA Founders meetup with Chris Fong & Stripe's Jean-Michel Gauthier. RSVP.

10/7 5.30pm PT (Clubhouse & Meet): Future of NFT with Kevin Chou, founder of Rally. RSVP

10/8 6pm CET | 12pm ET | 9am ET: Solopreneur Figure-It-Out-Friday. RSVP

10/12 5.30pm PT: Blockchain and Decentralized Finance 101 with FalconX’s Aya Kantorovich. RSVP

10/13 12pm ET | 5pm BST | 6pm CET: EMEA Women's Happy Hour. Hosted by Stefanie Lau. RSVP

10/13 5pm PT: Learn about Stonks (a Demo Day platform), learn how to present your startup or invest in the startups with Ali Moiz. RSVP

10/13 5pm PT | 8pm ET: Women’s happy hour. Hosted by Stefanie Lau. RSVP

10/14 8pm ET 🇨🇦 Toronto Virtual Meetup. RSVP

10/18 6pm PT: Seattle meetup with Ankit. Hosted by Hadas Shahak. RSVP

10/18 5pm PST / 10/19 11am AEST: Building a unicorn through the pandemic with Chris Bayley, founder of Cover Genius moderated by Joel Solomons. RSVP

10/19 6pm PT: YC insights with Kat Manalac (Y Combinator) & Christina Gilbert (OneSchema YC S21) moderated by Ankit Jain (Mergequeue YC S21). RSVP

10/20 5pm IST: 🇮🇳 Fireside chat with Animesh Kejriwal, founder of Timepay (acquired by Udaan). RSVP

10/21 5pm PT: Google Acquired Founders Meetup by Remi, Yigit, Kazuki featuring Brett Crosby. RSVP

10/25 7pm PT: Money 20/20 Conference drinks with Kushagra Shrivastava, Ankit Jain & Chris Fong. RSVP

10/26 4pm PT: Founders learn about Greylock’s new seed fund from David Thacker. RSVP

10/26 6pm PT: 🚗 Autonomous Vehicles meetup. Hosted by Mohammad Musa. RSVP

10/27 6pm ET (in-person): RDU area happy hour. Hosted by Ryan Carey. RSVP

10/28 5pm PT (in-person): Global TGIF by Yiğit and KazukiRSVP

10/29 5pm PT (in-person): 🌉 SF Social drinks hosted by Medha Bankhwal. RSVP

10/30 12pm ET (in-person): Miami meetup hosted by Anthony Hernandez. RSVP

🚀 Talent

If you are looking for a job, sign up here. Sign up here to list a role for a Xoogler company. Complete list of job opportunitiesSubmit an open role. Email talent@xoogler.co if you’re interested in any of the following.